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Why do we love L'Arc?? Survey!

Hello, everyone! I'm conducting some research for my term paper-- please help me? It shouldn't take too long, and you needn't reply to every question.

The text boxes are where you supply other answers (if one of the selections doesn't fit), BTW. Sometimes the formatting gets screwed up...

Please answer every question that applies to you?

It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes...probably less, if you read quickly. ^^

Mass-posted, because as you know, surveys are only useful if it's taken by many, many people. X-posted to multi-fandoms.

Click here to follow the survey.

Survey and discuss? Let's!
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Is this specifically for L'Arc fandom? The questions don't really seem specific to them, and I'd answer differently for fandom in general (with L'Arc I don't pursue typical fandom activities).

Also seems weird how the possible answers for the "I do NOT read/write/create/use (gay/het) fan-things" are different-- any reason why there's no fill in box for the heterosexual portion?
I would like the discussion post (this) to be L'Arc centric. ;)

The survey is posed generally, though, for research purposes (there are some people in multi-fandoms, you know?). Please think of the qs in whatever fandom you participate the most in.

...there isn't a box? Huh. I hate managing web-pages...there've been at least 10 things I've had to fix since 12-noon...*Gripe*
PS. your icon = love. ^___________^