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hyde filming around part 2

download part 2 here

part 2 is about: hyde continues to film half of the ppl's body~ and some guys evn pose for him to film lol^^
and he shows wat is inside the kiss album~ in the begining u see him doin his photoshoot then moves on to filmin ppl's bodies

download here
dont noe if i can post here if not u can delete it

feel free to share the link around~ since i dont noe much of hyde comm. in lj XP

part 1 is under cut

part 1 is here feel free to share the links around
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download here

here is a vid. where hyde was recordin around before the show i assume~
and he only recorded half the ppl's body, which ppl called hiim hentai~lol
subbed by honeyist~ chinese sub

feel free to share the vid around

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